An advertisement for Dei Cota apartments has irked Aboriginal leaders after it claimed that the people have “moved out” of an inner Sydney suburb, giving the place “great potential for the capital growth in the near future”.

Great Fortune Investments’ website stated: “Dei Cota has good rental return and convenient location. The Aboriginals have already moved out, now Redfern is the last virgin suburb close to city, it will have great potential for the capital growth in the near future.”

The ad has outraged Aboriginal leaders including Warren Mundine and Mick Gooda, who warned that the treatment of indigenous people in the area affected social cohesion.

The company has since removed the reference considering the building developed by Deicorp (a private company by developer Fouad Deiri ) after being approached by The Australian newspaper.

DeiCorp has also been engaged by the Aboriginal Housing Co for its Pemulwuy Project, a $70m redevelopment of the nearby area known as The Block.

“It was just not worded correctly by GFI. They were trying to make comment about the relocation of The Block and it hadn’t been worded correctly,” Deiri was quoted as saying by The Australian