​Unique ways to advertise for tenants

By Anouska Linz
Are you trying to find a tenant for your investment property, but not getting the interest you want? Then you may need to look beyond the traditional marketing options. 

When seeking tenants, you may automatically head to the usual places for listings, such as real estate websites, but there are a number of alternative ways to find your idea tenants and grab their attention. Listed below are just a few unique ways to grab the attention of prospective tenants and show off your rental property in a creative, fun way.

Social media The possibilities are endless when it comes to social media. More and more people are joining up every day and it is a great opportunity for you to reach a large pool of potential tenants quickly. Many real estate agents are already using their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles to advertise properties for sale. 

Tenants may not always have a lot of spare time to trawl through rental listings on real estate websites, but there is a good chance they will always make time to look on social media. Post high quality photos with accurate descriptions of the property and don’t forget to include contact details.

Create a video
Videos are becoming a popular option for real estate agents around the world. It is a great way for renters to see the property without having to inspect it. Even though the video does not necessarily have to be high quality, remember that it could influence a renter’s decision to take the next step and inspect the property or hand in an application, so if the video is dodgy, it could have the opposite effect that you wanted. 

Posting in on YouTube and sharing on other social media platforms will help boost the number of people who see it and, if you’re lucky, it could even go viral.

Create a website There are plenty of free tools available on the internet that make it easy to create your own website. It may sound difficult, but you can get one up and running in an hour or two with minimal effort. Don’t forget to use targeted keywords in your descriptions so that searchers can find your website/webpage easily. 

Postcards Handing out postcards in your neighbourhood is a great way to reach a large group of people as well. Your neighbours may have friends or family who they want to have living close by, so they can pass your postcard on to them. But you need to make sure that your postcard will stand out from the other mail they receive, otherwise it could get lost in the other newsletters and catalogues.


Anouska Linz is Manager, Online Sales at State Custodians and has over 10 years’ experience in financial services, both in broking and banking. Holding a bachelors degree in accounting, Anouska quickly discovered a love for mortgage lending and assisting people to achieve their home ownership goals. She leads a team of highly experienced lending specialists who are passionate about finding lending solutions which result in real wins for the customer. She is also a massive netball fan.

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