​The Common Thread to a successful investor; Drive, Determination and Outsourcing

By Jo Chivers
One of the joys of my job is listening to people's investment stories - how they've achieved what they have so far and where they are heading. 

One of our female clients has six children, is an accountant and owns eleven investment properties after completing two property developments with Property Bloom. To state the obvious, she's time poor, I've written about Rachel in the past...

How does a mother of six come to accumulate eleven investment properties?

Another client is a family man and fellow soccer coach, man does he loves his football!  We met years ago as our sons played for the same club but he didn't know what I did until he read an article in a property magazine that I'd written. Busy with work, soccer and family commitments and with no development experience, he asked me to manage a project for him. Then he embarked on a long term holiday, we organised the builder to pre-invoice his drawdowns so we could manage the bank payments while he toured Europe.

Another lovely couple recently completed a three villa development with us, she works at a university and he's an engineer, both highly educated.  They referred their daughter, a law (and soon to be medicine) graduate to us for her first property investment - a dual occupancy project. She was our youngest ever client. When we completed villas, the parents signed up for another project, they had little spare time and I think most importantly, we'd earned their trust.

We managed one development for a client who we are very proud to say served our country in Afghanistan in the Australian Army. She was there right through the duration of her development, I really cherished the updates we would get from this lady, when she had email access, and was amazed at some of the conditions she had to endure including no running water for days. Needless to say, she had important things on her mind and could not have managed her own development from an active war zone. 

All of Property Bloom's clients are different - they come from varying backgrounds, cultures and employment and we love working with such diverse clientele.  

But there is a common thread I have noticed.
ALL of our clients are highly driven and time poor.  They are conscious that there is a limited amount of time available in which to build their wealth.  They've told me, that to outsource the management of their property development to someone more experienced and capable was a no brainer. They openly admit that whilst passionate about property development, there is a knowledge gap and for them to come up to speed would take years. To handover this responsibility to Property Bloom lets our clients keep doing what they do well, earn a salary to support their financing and spend precious time with those they love.
From our granny flat development clients who want high yields and long term growth to our medium density development clients who want equity from the process and the tax benefits of strong depreciation - our common thread is to provide a service that will assist them get to where they are going and fast.  

“I was bitten by the property bug, there was no turning back.”

Jo Chivers proves that women can indeed have it all- a career that you are passionate about and a family.  While all of this sounds great, it does require hard work, dedication, perseverance and a bit of risk-taking.

Jo’s love of property development inspired her to leave her corporate career and pursue her true passion. After educating herself in property investing, she started building up her own property portfolio. After purchasing a few blue chip properties in Sydney, she soon realised how negatively geared they were and began researching outside of Sydney. She discovered a more affordable, large region of NSW where she completed her first property development.  Soon her friends were asking her to find them sites and manage their developments. 

She realised there was a need for an all encompassing project management service and her business Property Bloom™ was born.  Ten years down the track, she has developed over 60 properties for clients, creating literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity and high end yields.