Public-listed Yellow Brick Road has posted lower interest rates for its Empower Home Loan and Empower Package products, and extended its current special offers until 31 December.

Both home products saw dips in their one, two, three, four, and five-year fixed interest rates.

Empower Home Loan’s one-year fixed rate went down from 4.79% to 4.69%, with a slightly lowered comparison rate of 4.87%.

Meanwhile, Empower Package’s one-year fixed term is also at 4.69% from 4.79%. The new comparison rate is at 5.06%.

Below are the following new changes for both home loan products:

Empower Home Loan:
Fixed rates Borrower rate Comparison rate
1-year 4.69% 4.87%
2-year 4.79% 4.87%
3-year 4.89% 4.92%
4-year 5.19% 4.99%
5-year 5.29% 5.06%
Empower Package:
Fixed rates Borrower rate Comparison rate
1-year 4.69% 5.06%
2-year 4.79% 5.06%
3-year 4.89% 5.08%
4-year 5.19% 5.18%
5-year 5.29% 5.24%

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