RBA: Lack of transparency in mortgage market is hurting borrowers RBA: Lack of transparency in mortgage market is hurting borrowers

Banks typically offer attractive discounts to new customers and charge existing customers more

Housing affordability worsens in Melbourne

Housing affordability worsens in Melbourne A number of key suburbs are poised to hit the million-dollar median in the near future, according to REIV ... Read more

Melbourne’s price growth surpasses Sydney’s

Melbourne’s price growth surpasses Sydney’s Tightened lending restrictions and the retreat of foreign investors had dampened price growth in the Harbour City ... Read more

Townsville housing market is reviving

Townsville housing market is reviving The local economy is picking up, and key metrics, like house and unit prices, are on the rise ... Read more

  • 02 Aug 2011
    5 ways to break into the property market sooner

    Saving for a home loan is no easy feat, so we've compiled some tips and advice you help you grow your bank balance even faster. Read more

  • 01 Aug 2011
    Financial stress #1 trigger for love woes

    If you and your partner are not getting along like you used to, you’re not alone. To hazard a guess, it’s probably due to money worries. According to new research released in the 2 ... Read more

  • 01 Aug 2011
    Don’t get ripped off by your gold credit card

    Having a prestige card is great for those who follow the rules and an expensive mistake for those who don’t. Read the following scenarios to avoid falling into the common traps! Read more

  • 29 Jul 2011
    AUD is hot to trot

    The Aussie dollar hit a record high yesterday, trading at $US 1.108. And while the high is more a reflection of the long suffering greenback, the AUD doesn’t look set to retract an ... Read more

  • 28 Jul 2011
    Buy the world’s cheapest island

    There are few possessions seemingly more extravagant than a private island. Imagine guaranteed private beaches and as much peace and quiet as you can bear. All at a price tag, righ ... Read more

  • 27 Jul 2011
    The banks are after your kids!

    No, it’s not a ransom-based marketing ploy, but high-interest kids’ savings accounts. They're a great chance for you to teach your youngster about the financial world and net some ... Read more

  • 27 Jul 2011
    How safe is your smartphone?

    Think it’s safe doing banking from your smartphone? Not if you consider the 300% growth in iPhone fraud in the last nine months. Yet many smartphone owners remain oblivious to the ... Read more

  • 26 Jul 2011
    How to choose a gold or platinum card

    We all know why they exist: they look prestigious. And for a lot of cards the benefits stop there, offering you nothing more than a bling accessory. However for those willing to wa ... Read more

  • 25 Jul 2011
    Four ways to boost the sale value of your property

    Presenting your property in its best light has never been more important, especially in areas like Queensland and WA, where home values are languishing. Read more

  • 25 Jul 2011
    Six investing secrets of a property millionaire

    Want to know what the experts do to successfully draw profits from real estate? We reveal the simple property investing strategies of millionaires that can help you grow your wealt ... Read more

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