Refund Home Loans is launching two new business arms this month as it embarks on the first stage of an aggressive five-year expansion strategy. Refund Communications will offer customers a free one-stop shop to source the best deal from a range of leading telephone, mobile and internet providers. Refund Financial Planning will provide free financial planning advice and services. The company has grown quickly since it started in April 2004. It has expanded its franchise network from 25 to 125 and increased revenue by more than 300%. It expects sales revenue of $8m for the financial year 2006/07. Refund's commission-sharing business model will play a central part in the new operations. Commission normally received by brokers is given to customers, so they get money back on the products and services bought. Wayne Ormond, Refund founder, said: "Refund's philosophy is to give customers a fair go by demystifying the industry, exposing the secret deals, fees and commissions and paying customers for their business." The model for Refund Communications will see customers given the commission usually earned by brokers from telecommunications companies. It will be the first company in Australia to do this." Refund is a member of the Franchising Council of Australia, Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia and Finance Brokers Association of Australia. It offers products from more than 45 leading lenders.