Cheap loans - the good the bad and the ugly.  With the credit crisis hitting lenders across the globe, it's never been more important to secure the right loan at the right interest rate. In this edition of Your Mortgage, we take a closer look at two of the most popular products: introductory loans and professional packages.

As the rising interest rates continue to hang like a dark cloud over many property buyers, Your Mortgage also encourages borrowers to take matters into their own hands and show the lenders who's boss. We talk to industry experts on how to cut monthly mortgage costs to keep your finances afloat.

But what better to offset these unexpected costs on your mortgage, than with a rebate. Depending on the size and circumstance of your mortgage, you may be entitled to a rebate. Our June edition gives you all the information you need to determine whether you qualify for a rebate from your broker.

Our regular features include the Editor's Choice, state of the market and our loan comparison tables, where we compare over 1,900 mortgages. Make sure you get to your newsagent and pick up a copy of the June 2008 issue on sale now.