Want to buy property in 2020? It’s time to get creative

By Nina Cuturic

You’ve keen to invest in property, and ideally you want to enjoy the steady and consistent growth that many capital city markets have enjoyed in the last few years.

This is a common goal – but as property investing coach and director of The Property Bloke, Wayne Jessup, shares, “the way the market is headed, you need to be creative” in order to achieve excellent returns.

In an interview with Your Mortgage managing editor Sarah Megginson, Jessup talks about the different ways homebuyers and investors can invest in property, add value, and increase their properties re-sale value and investment cash flow.

“You need to manufacture your own capital growth and you need to be creative in the sort of investment you choose,” Jessup says.

‘Rentvesting’, for instance, has provided an opportunity for people to rent where they desire to live, and invest in a more affordable market while they build wealth through property at the same time.

According to Jessup, the popularity of the strategy will only strengthen over the coming months and years.

“I think ‘rentvesting’ is the way of the future especially for the younger generation but even the older generation as well,” he says.

Being creative with your property strategy means keeping up with what is driving demand, one of which at the moment is a move to finding more “affordable housing”, Jessup adds.

Learn more about how to get creative with your property strategy, so you can climb the property ladder sooner and maximise your return on investment in 2020, in this video.

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