The site includes a guide on how to bid at an auction and negotiate a sale. It also offers renovation and decoration advice, along with other equity building tips. "We understand that many first home buyers don't even know where to start when it comes to working through the whole process of buying their first home or investment property. We hope that this will become the first step of that process. With its easy to read format and practical hints, it really can become the first homebuyer's best friend," said Wayne Morris, chief executive of IMB. In order to keep tab on what clients need, IMB is also conducting a national survey and rewarding them from participating. Everyone spending more than five minutes doing the survey gets a chance of winning furniture vouchers or magazine subscriptions. "The survey will provide first home buyers with a forum to give their feedback about financial institutions, real estate salesmen, even mum and dad advisors who put in their 10 cents worth. IMB is developing a range of competitive products to assist first home buyers so we are keen to know what they want from us so we can best answer their needs," says Morris.