Do you want to:

1. Learn how to face your problems and deal with your creditors? Yes you can meet them head-on and even make a pre-emptive strike
2. Find out why your creditors prefer it if you deal with them in this way
3. Know how to stop the letters, phone calls and harassment from creditors so you can sleep at night
4. Know how to avoid having your home repossessed
5. Have the necessary letters to your creditors written for you by a barrister
6. Learn how to bring in more money each week
7. Know your rights and how to enforce them
8. Know 20 foolproof tips to get what you want from the bank on your terms
9. Know the law and your options so you can make an informed decision
10. Learn how to keep your home and emerge from this situation a winner
 What you'll Get:

• The e-book of "What to Do When the Sky is Falling" - guaranteed to keep your house for you and give you simple, easy to follow information on the law, how the system works and what you can do to beat it
• A second e-book with information, advice and encouragement for mothers returning to the workforce after children - guaranteed to land you (or your spouse) that dream job which will help you sail through the recession
• An interview with a practising barrister. This information is worth $300 alone at my charge-out rate of $600 per hour
• The transcript of 'The Interview'
• Access to my new Webinar
• A booklet containing precedents of letters and legal documents in word format so you can fill in the details and write hardship letters to your creditors like a high charging lawyer. A lawyer would charge $1,000 or more to draft these letters for you

This Aussie Debt Rescue package is worth over $1,350 and will save you at least 50 times that amount!

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The above information is supplied by Aussie Debt Rescue.
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