It was a long and cold winter this year, and finally it seems the sun is starting to really shine.


The summer can also be a great time to get outdoors and attend to the chores we’ve been putting off.


From a financial perspective, it’s also the season to recoup some of the money that gets spent during the festive season. With most of our cash heading outwards during the holidays, here are a few summer projects to help you make some summertime savings.


No more drive-thru car washes


During the winter, it’s much easier to get away with driving a dirty car, plus it rains all the time. For those who can’t take the dust and grime, it hard to beat the drive-thru car wash during winter. Usually justifiable as well- at knock-off time its dark outside anyway!


But now that’s summer is nearly upon us, car washes will be hiking the fees. Get the kids involved, and you’ll save yourself at every wash. Plus you’ll gain a little exercise and upkeep the value of your car.


Get stuck into the yard


If your backyard turned into a dusty wasteland during winter, you may be looking out at it and thinking of hiring a landscaper. But if you’ve got health on your side (and maybe some willing friends and family), you’ll save yourself hundreds.


If you’re replacing some of your dead plants, make sure you consider native options which use less (or barely any) water, to save yourself more dollars off your next bill. Planting some herbs and vegies is a great idea too, not to mention the huge novelty factor in eating what you’ve grown in your own garden.


Wash your pets at home


As much as we love them, keeping your best friend looking tip-top comes with a hefty price tag, even if you try to limit it to once or twice a month.


When the weather’s nice enough, why not take the bucket into the yard and let them run around. You’ll save on some expensive grooming fees, and won’t be hunched over the bathtub either.


Dust off the bike


Instead of reaching for the keys next time you need to pop down to the shops why not reach for the helmet instead.


A short trip in the car doesn’t seem like much at the time, but by cutting your dependence on your car you’ll save yourself petrol, and there’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air after so long inside.