It’s a buyers market out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept bottom dollar when listing your property for sale. Use these strategies to help get your property sold without cutting your asking price in half.
Turn on the nightly news broadcast, read a newspaper or browse an online news website and if the topic turns to property, it’s like to be paired with the phrase “buyers market”.
There’s no doubting that in the current market, there are more sellers than buyers in certain areas. Dr Tony Hayek, CEO of national property research group Blue Wealth Property, believes that lacklustre consumer confidence is the cause, following a period of economic uncertainty and wild fluctuations in interest rates.
“These flat markets are quiet and many people may be scared to act,” he says. “In times of uncertainty, people are looking for security, but may be fearful or confused to act due to negative media bias or confusion clouding their decisions.”
Dr Hayek further believes that “right now is the best time in the property cycle to buy”, because on the whole, Australian population growth remains strong, household sizes are shrinking, interest rates are stable and unemployment low. All in all this signifies a long-term promising economic outlook.
All of the right fundamentals are in place for a strong long-term growth in real estate values – but if you’re keen to secure a sale right now, what can you do to give your property the edge?
Hire a professional cleaner
Whether you’re selling your own home or an investment property, a professional cleaner will get your property presenting at it’s sparkling best! You’ll pay anything from $120-$200 for a full house clean, which is a small price to pay when you consider how important first impressions are. After one professional clean, you can ask your tenants (or your family!) to maintain the level of cleanliness until the selling campaign is over, or at least ensure the place is clean and tidy before an open inspection.
Get professional photo's taken
Poor photos can kill your campaign, because if it doesn’t appeal online or in the newspaper, people wont bother making time to inspect your home. You’re also competing against dozens, if not hundreds of other similar properties, so professional photos can help to give your listing that extra “something” when prospective buyers are comparing it against others.
Have the home professionally styled
A professional home stylist can help arrange your belongings or, if necessary, rent furniture so that your property presents its best. Packages range from just a few hundred bucks for small-scale styling, to whole-home makeovers that cost several thousands of dollars; these are more suitable for high-end homes with high-end price tags.
Invest in a quick repaint
In just a couple of days, you can spruce up the walls in at least the key areas of the home you’re trying to sell: the kitchen, the bathrooms and the master bedroom. The paint will cost you next to nix, and your only other expense is the beer and BBQ you’ll have to put on for your mates as a thank you for helping you paint all weekend!
Let there be light
Ensure that all of your outside lights are on at night during the sales campaign, including lighting up your driveway, so that the “for sale” board is always noticeable.