Even the most pessimistic number cruncher must now acknowledge that Australia's property market is a world wonder. Even as the US and the UK continue to see a freefall in prices, property values here are rebounding. The latest data from property research firms and from the government all show the market rising steadily since the beginning of 2009, as first homebuyers go on a buying spree.

The star performers have been the cheaper, more affordable suburbs, which have seen values rise significantly since the grant boost was announced. However, for investors, the best opportunities lie somewhere else - some where in the middle.  Our article on this subject examines in detail why experts are forecasting this segment of the market to lead the charge when the economy recovers early next year.

Staying in the middle is also the key to enhancing future growth and ensuring strong demand for a property if you decide to sell it later on. Our article on "Tradability matters" explains in detail the most sought-after features a property needs to have to guarantee strong demand from buyers in the future.

We also zoom into Sydney and explain why the former property price laggard is poised to retake lead.  Plus our panel of experts select six of the best locations within Sydney to tap into the city's potential.

When it comes to financing a property, many investors tend to go for flexibility rather than low interest rates. But how much of these 'bells and whistles' do you really need to maximise your return? You'll find the answers in our article "Mortgage secrets revealed".

Finally, we look at the winners and losers in the current market and reveal top tips to avoid becoming a statistic.