Investing in property is not for the faint of heart... but for those who are well prepared, property represents one of the safest and most lucrative investments. Getting the right facts and right advice is vital, and so is avoiding the multitude of cons and rio-offs that unfortunately now litter the property industry.

In our exclusive investigation, Your Investment Property reveals how scam artists and conmen are taking advantage of the downturn in the market to sink their claws into unsuspecting and naive investors. These unscrupulous folk may bring you deals that look great on paper, or come in with a rescue package if you are struggling to make ends meet... but the devil is in the detail!

This month's issue will show you how to spot and avoid cons, plus explain the steps to building a fail-proof strategy. If the property market in your area continues to be slow, you can still build a profitable portfolio with this sound advice from our experts.

Your Investment Property even goes as far as to show you how to extend your buying power as you approach your financial limits. Cash may be king, but there are clever ways to maximise your credit lines and continue developing your portfolio with a financial institution's help.

On a lighter note, we look at ways to generate positive cash flow from your property investments. For positive gearing to be successful, investors need to think beyond simple rental revenue and get creative.

Of course, as always, Your Investment Property lists the top investment property markets in Australia, which means you won't have to look far to have somewhere to spend those extra investment dollars.

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