The dollar is strong and airfares are getting cheaper all the time. There’s never been a better time to travel overseas. Some of the latest one-way international flight deals defy belief.
If you’ve just gone back to work after the summer break and you’re itching to plan your next holiday, there are some great savings to be made on airfares right now.
Air Asia has just started flying in and out of Sydney and to celebrate its arrival, it currently offers some of the best fares in the market.
Air Asia’s special introductory one-way flights from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur for $99 sold out pretty quickly but when this story went live there were still tickets available for $149, which is still a bargain.
New Zealand is another cheap destination at the moment. You can fly to Auckland from Sydney for $149.
Virgin and Qantas are also bringing their prices down in response to the Air Asia deals so be sure to shop around between the airlines.
Most of these fares included airport taxes and surcharges but take care to check other charges. 
Checked baggage will cost extra and there can be processing fees for online transactions. There are also some restrictions on booking times for these offers and travel times so you may have to be flexible with your travel plans.
Make sure you compare airline prices with those being offered by cheap flight websites to get the best deal. Flight Centre is currently advertising return airfares to Bali for $608, for example.
Domestic flights are also going cheap. You can fly one-way from Sydney to Melbourne for $59 or to Perth for $179.
-- By Dony Tare