Wouldn’t it be nice if you could borrow ten bucks from your daughter to go to the mall? A new social program called the 10thousandgirl Campaign, could make it a reality.

The 10thousandgirl Campaign is designed to improve the financial literacy of young women across Australia, and give girls both the tools and education to achieve financial independence.

The program’s three-year plan is to educate and inspire a minimum of 10,000 women from ages 15-50 across Australia’s major cities and 100 regional towns. However, an additional 50 local areas will be added as the campaign expands.

Each community campaign involves:
- a three to six month media and community awareness  raising activity.
- a Life-Planning Workshop for young women (20s-30s).
- two to three school talks introducing goalsetting and microfinance.
- opportunities for young women to connect and engage with local financial service professionals
School talks.


Presentations at local schools will be held for two to three hours on the Friday or Monday of the campaign, and will include a goal setting sessions, an inspiring talk about positive actions and an introduction to microfinance. Schools that would like to get involved are asked to e-mail girl@10thousandgirl.com.

Life Planning Workshops:

The Life Planning Workshop is an eight-hour day designed to inspire young women who are looking for answers and advice on their financial goals. Not only will they gain invaluable information, but it also provides an opportunity for women to meet like-minded individuals and join a supportive network. As well, it provides an introduction to local service providers.

Participants will receive a life planning workbook, a spending plan, a Q&A with local finance service professionals, a gift bag, and lunch and refreshments.

Community involvement:

The 10thousandgirl Campaign brings together community participants to raise financial literacy. The central objective is align members of the financial services community with young women.

To get involved contact Arienne on 0403 259 459 or e-mail arienne@10thousandgirl.com.
Anyone interested in bringing the campaign to their area is invited to contact the program at girl@10thousandgirl.com.

The 10thousandgirl Community Campaign is coming to Sydney 25-28 March 2011. To register for a Life Planning Workshop go to www.10thousandgirl.eventbrite.com.