Experts say that home sellers these days have an excellent chance of selling their homes for a bullish price, thanks to the undersupplied Sydney property market and healthy auction clearance rates. However, vendors can increase their chances of getting top dollar for their house by employing the following six rules of selling well:
  • Declutter. It is important that when someone walks into your home, they are able to imagine themselves living there. “Just get rid of all those bitty ornaments you’ve collected over the years and anything frilly or busy,” said stylist Andrea Jones of O’Meara Jones. “Replace it with a couple of colorful vases artfully placed to the side.”
  • Deep clean. To make your home absolutely spotless, Morton Real Estate agent Etienne West advises all vendors to hire professionals for a deep cleaning.
  • Renovate as needed. Renovation depends on how you are trying to market your home, says Christian Leung of Raine & Horne Concord. A neat and tidy home could do with a fresh coat of paint to emphasize its attributes, while a rundown home can be promoted as something ripe for renovation by its next owners.
  • Fix the small stuff. West also recommends that you hire a handyman when it comes to doing small jobs like fixing dripping taps or laying new carpet. These might seem inconspicuous, but they can help your home sell better.
  • Concentrate on the main areas. Focus on the living space, lounge, and bedroom, especially when you are on a budget. “If they’re looking appealing, then people can often forgive other areas not looking quite so good,” said Claudia Matthews of Furnish & Finish Property Styling.
  • Hire a stylist. A stylist can bring fresh eyes to the house. According to Anthony Birdall of Lain Real Estate, “Styling can make a huge difference and can be well worth the investment,” as this can push up the price of your home.