We all know how important it is to show your property off in its best possible light to buyers during open inspections, so we've compiled a checklist of tips and tricks to ensure your home presents in top condition!
When you throw open your front door to prospective buyers, you have to assume that they’ll want to see every nook and cranny of your home.
“They’ll be looking everywhere: in the cupboards, under the sink, behind the shower curtain and even in the wardrobe,” explains the property professor, Peter Koulizos.
He recommends that you give the property a thorough spring clean before your first open inspection, with a quick tidy-up before any consecutive open homes.
The key areas to focus on include:
The entry
Your front entry is the gateway to your home, so make sure the area around the door is nice and tidy. “Give it a good sweep so there are no cobwebs and then take a fresh look at the inside area that it opens up to,” advises the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA). “You want it to appear welcoming, so perhaps consider placement of items such as a hallway table with a bunch of flowers, or a hatstand if it looks a little bare.”
The floor coverings
If the floors are carpeted, get it professionally cleaned: for a small investment of around $100, they will remove most of the day-to-day stains and give the carpet a fresh lease of life. Make sure you sweep and mop any non-carpeted floors on the day of the inspection so they’re gleaming.
The clutter
“Throw out everything that you absolutely don’t need before you put your property on the market,” Koulizos advises. “This will be harder if you’re preparing your own home for sale, compared to selling an investment property, as you’ll have collected lots of ‘junk’!”
The kitchen
According to Richardson and Wrench South Sydney, it’s imperative that you make your kitchen look as appealing as possible. “Polish the taps and chrome appliances to make them shine, and remove dishes from the sink and draining board,” they suggest. “Also minimise the amount of appliances on bench tops to emphasise clear, useable surfaces.”
The bedrooms
The bedrooms should be presented as neatly as possible, so put all of your clothes away, make the beds and ensure the floors are free of stray shoes and clutter. “Keep dressing tables and desks as tidy and clear as possible, and find a safe place for valuables such as jewellery, watches and expensive perfume,” advises Richardson and Wrench.
The overall look
Get someone who will be honest with you, and ask them to walk in and around your home looking for areas that could be improved upon. “Start with the outside of the property, as it’s very important to make sure that the front yard is particularly well prepared,” Koulizos says. “First impressions are the most lasting, so sure that your house impresses from the front gate onwards.”