Presenting your property in its best light has never been more important, especially in areas like Queensland and WA, where home values are languishing.
“The housing market definitely moves through cycles, but it’s important to remember is that there are still genuine buyers in the market,” says REISA president Greg Nybo.
“Housing is a basic human need, so at any one time, there are always a core group of people who need to move to suit their needs, whether it’s moving interstate, upsizing or downsizing.”
If you’re preparing to sell your home or investing property, giving it a good spring clean is always a good idea. Nybo offers the following simple ideas to ensure your property presents in top condition at open inspections.

Tip #1: Create an inviting entry
The front door is the gateway to your home so make sure the area around the door is nice and tidy. Give it a good sweep so there are no cobwebs and then take a fresh look at the inside area that it opens up to. If it’s an investment property, consider asking your tenants to tidy the front entrance before inspections; you could offer them a rental discount each week to compensate.
Tip #2: Have the carpets professionally cleaned
If you have carpet in the home, getting it professionally cleaned will remove most of the day-to-day stains and give the carpet a fresh lease of life. Your investment shouldn’t be more than a couple of hundred dollars, and if you’re a landlord, keep in mind that this fee will be tax-deductible.  

Tip #3: Repaint the walls
A fresh coat of paint can really lift the atmosphere within a home. When considering colours, remember that everyone's taste are different, so the safest colour choices are neutral tones. You don’t need to paint the entire house if you don’t have the time, funds or inclination – sprucing up the main rooms such at the master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom is key, otherwise a thorough wall clean (and paint touch-ups in high traffic areas) will make a big difference.
Tip #4: Perform a dry run
Ask a trusted friend or relative to walk around the property and give you their honest opinion. They’ll be able to point out little things that you may have overlooked, such as light bulbs without shades, or grimy windows that need a clean.