There are lots of clues to look for when you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, but when it comes to looking for hard proof the numbers don’t lie.


1.)    Too expensive to bring you along on business trips… Your partner used to bring you along on business trips but suddenly says it’s too expensive. You should know if there’s wiggle room in the budget – if there is, then this could be a warning sign that maybe there’s another reason they don’t want you to tag along.


2.)    Too expensive for partner to join you on family holidays… If your partner opts to stay home while the rest of the family goes on vacation on the grounds that “someone needs to work” or it’s too expensive then you need to evaluate your vacation budget, or question whether your partner is looking for an excuse to be alone?


3.)    Excessive ATM withdrawals…affairs cost money – think about how much money you spent when you first started dating? There were cocktails, dinners out… only difference now is there are motel bills to boot!


4.)    Sudden purchase of expensive clothes, personal grooming… Everyone likes to spruce up their image once in awhile and maybe your partner is improving their image for you? But if the new clothes are being donned for events that don’t involve you and traded for trackies when you have your date night, then it could be for someone else.


5.)    Secretive about spending… In a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t have to account for every dollar you spend, but if you used to discuss your shared finances openly and there’s been a sudden change with your partner’s behaviour, than those alarm bells should start ringing.


6.)    Hidden bills… Credit card statements are personal and you’re treading on thin ice if you start reading your partner’s mail. But maybe your partner is making sure the bills don’t get left on the kitchen table, when before you had to nag them to put them away? Or perhaps their bills have ceased coming to the house altogether. Maybe they’re getting sent to your partner’s work address or they’ve opened up a post box? Either way, it suggests they are trying to hide something.


7.)    Receipts… Unlike credit card statements, receipts are not confidential. Look for receipts for restaurants you’ve never been, jewelry you’ve never seen, or flowers you’ve never received. Of course, you might want to wait a few weeks after you’ve spotted the receipt – lest you ruin a surprise intended for you.


8.)    Extra work, but no extra money… Be suspicious if your partner suddenly has to work much more, but is not getting any reward for it.


9.)    Income disparity… a US study published in August 2010 found men who were financially dependent on their partners were more likely to cheat, while women are more likely to cheat as their income increased in relation to their partners’ income.


10.) Spending more on petrol… If your partner claims to be going to work and coming straight home, but they are filling up at the petrol station much more regularly than usual than they could be making some detours to and from work.