Experts and economists unanimously expect the Reserve Bank to keep the cash rate at 2% this December, based on a survey by

A good number of the survey respondents also said that property prices are likely to rise next year.

The 33 experts chosen for the survey all believe that the cash rate will be kept unchanged due to the country’s improving economy.

Further, 15% of the respondents predict a rate drop in February next year.

The survey also highlighted the out-of-cycle rate hikes implemented by 13 lenders on November 20. These increases, according to 26% of the respondents, could discourage those looking to shop around for properties during the Christmas season.

More than half of the experts surveyed—58% of them—are anticipating property prices to increase in 2016, while 29% think that prices will fall instead.

Additionally, 45% of the respondents believe rents will rise in 2016, with 42% saying rents will remain the same, and 13% expecting rents to fall.

“This indicates that, regardless of demand, property prices as well as rent are expected to rise in value in 2016, which is great news for property owners but less so for those looking to break into the ever-competitive market,” said Bessie Hassan, consumer advocate.

Hassan urged consumers to carefully research about home loans, comparing interest rates and product offerings, in order to get the best possible deals.