Australians love a good reno, so much so that we have entire TV channels dedicated to home improvement tips and advice! If you’re keen to try your hand at boosting the value of your property, read on for some top strategies for success.   
Sean Thomson, senior residential adviser at, says it’s possible to boost your home’s value with just a few strategic, low cost renovations.
1. Remove all the clutter
“Identify the key furniture pieces and decorations for each room and remove everything else,” Thomson advises. “I’ve seen countless examples of vendors failing to get top dollar for their property because it was cluttered with an owner’s personal things.”
2. Clean up the garden
Thomson’s hot tip here involves getting organised in advance. “Cut back all the plants shrubs and bushes around six weeks before you intend to put your house on the market, and make sure all pathways and pavings are spic and span,” he says. “Your gardens should be clean and full of fresh, green and blooming plants just as people begin to inspect your home.”
3. Paint a wall
The right coat of paint before a sale can instantly add to a property’s appeal. “I had a client who painted her lounge and dining area freshly, where previously there were four white/scuffed walls, and it certainly lifted the feel of the room,” Thomson says. You should never be too adventurous with the colours you pick, as your tastes may differ from your potential buyer.
4. Embrace natural light
“Dark spaces detract from a property’s appeal, so instead look for way to bring in the light,” Thomson says. “A skylight or solar tube can typically be fitted for under $1,000, and bushes or trees grown close to windows can be trimmed back, bringing more natural light into the house.”
5. Upgrade the tap ware
Spending a couple of hundred dollars on tap ware can make a world of difference. “The right taps will lift a bathroom or kitchen, and more importantly, signals to buyers that there is plenty of potential in the property for the right makeover,” Thomson says. “The same goes for door and cupboard handles – it’s an inexpensive way to add appeal.”
6. Take off the carpet and polish the floorboards
“Polished floorboards have been all the rage for the last five years, so much so, it makes me wonder why anyone presents a fully carpeted house for sale,” he says. Polished floorboards add dept and character to almost any room, so consider this option if you want to instantly lift the look (and value) of your home.