There are few possessions seemingly more extravagant than a private island. Imagine guaranteed private beaches and as much peace and quiet as you can bear. All at a price tag, right? Wrong! They’re not as out of reach as they at first seem and families are snapping them up.

For just $140,000, you could be the proud owner of your very own historical island just off the coast of Wales. Sully Island may not be the sun soaked paradise of your dreams, but if pirates and Viking history is your thing then you could pick up this bargain getaway.
Just 400m from the mainland, it comes complete with its own shipwreck, archaeological dig sites, and the usual suspects of fishing spots, flora and fauna.
And indeed islands do turn over every couple of years and these sales are a result of economic times. On the Australian market right now there are a number of islands available, and Mum and Dad investors are making the moves towards paradise.
Speaking to Your Money Magazine, Richard Vanhoff, Caldwell Banker Island and Resort Specialist, said that Temple Island off the central Queensland coast is currently on the market for $850,000. Offering its own runway, 4 bedroom house and beautiful white beaches, it’ll set you back far less than any city pad!
Or perhaps owning an avocado orchard is more your style. You’ll find it just 3.5 hours from Sydney on the Cabbage Tree island estate. Over the course of its long history, the property has been used for dairy and beef cattle, and an array of fruit growing.
Vanhoff is also selling a number of international islands, with a number throughout Fiji and Vanuatu. And if you are really greedy, take 5! For $3.5m, a group of 5 islands in Vanuatu offering coral reefs and total relaxation can be all yours.

The island and resort specialist says a lot of his buyers are families, or those pooling their resources for a slice of paradise. Maybe it’s worth daring to dream after all!


- Stephanie Zillman