Typically, reverse mortgage clients are required to repay their loan balance within a set period of the last surviving borrower moving into residential aged care. With Bluestone's new product, "clients can now use the equity in their home to fund the accommodation bond required without having to sell the home in the immediate future," said Peter McGuinness, CEO of Bluestone Equity Release. The idea for the bond came about from the results of research that indicated that older equity release clients were not happy about having to sell their homes at short notice in order to be able to get into an aged care facility. "Raising such funds can be stressful so Bluestone's new solution will allow a more staged approach, allowing families to focus on arranging the most suitable residential facility," said McGuinness. Retaining the family home also allows for the continued accumulation of capital growth, whilst providing the owner with flexibility in timing the sale. This brings the added benefit of the owner being able to optimise their situation for social security purposes.