While property investors are in the game to create personal wealth, they also contribute much to the residential market. Without investors, over 20% of Aussies who rent would have nowhere to live. Investors also contribute to the overall health of the economy by creating jobs in the construction, finance, legal and accounting sectors.

We salute those who spend countless sleepless nights crunching the numbers, travelling to far-flung locations in search for that ultimate investment property and to those who continually look for the bright side of things even as circumstances take a turn for the worse.

Investing in property is challenging at the best of times but even more so in a turbulent market. It takes strength of character and demands focus and discipline. This is why only 6% of Australia's 22 million in habitants are investing in property.

Many investors don't give themselves enough credit for their contribution to society. The general public certainly does not. Running our inaugural Investor of the Year competition provided us with the opportunity to do just that - to give credit where it's due and further highlight the important role of investors to the public as a whole.

The competition attracted some of the most inspiring and exciting entries from all corners of Australia: from Stanhope in NSW to Glenelg in Victoria to Perth in Western Australia.

Every single entry was bursting with passion and intensity. Each person who shared their vision showed they were immensely engaged with their chosen investment path. Every story was truly an inspiration and we sincerely thank those who took time to send in their entries.

So who won the coveted title of Australia's Investor of the Year? Find out in this months' issue of Your Investment Property magazine.