As Australia's winter continues to bring unstable weather conditions, homeowners are being urged to tune up their properties for unpredictable weather.

Building advisory centre Archicentre said many homeowners are currently ignoring basic maintenance issues which can develop into costly problems affecting the value and safety of their homes.

Angus Kell, state manager NSW and ACT, Archicentre, brought particular attention to drainage issues and the state of roofing during the winter months. He said that Australians often overlook the condition of their roofing as it is out of sight, but nevertheless should maintain their roofs, guttering, storm water drains and downpipes to prevent internal and external damage to their homes.

"In winter, heavy rain and high winds with thunderstorms could dislodge tiles, fill gutters with rubbish or loosen roof sheeting. Homeowners need to make sure heavy rain drains away as quickly as possible," Kell explained.
"People who put off fixing leaks could be putting themselves and their families at risk especially if the water is likely to enter the electrical system or appliances."

Archicentre recommend homeowners check guttering for debris, ensure downpipes flow clearly, fix broken tiles or slates and check different points in and outside their home for excessive dampness, water pooling, or mould spots.

The building advisors also suggest that you give heaters a regular maintenance check, check seals around windows and doors for heat loss and undertake an audit of all taps to repair any that may drip. Checking that power points are functioning correctly is also important.