CDs and DVDs
You’ll be surprised at how much people will be willing to pay for an old U2 CD! eBay is a great place to offload your unwanted (but still in good nick) CDs and DVDs, or you could also try second-hand music stores. They’ll often pay $5-7 per CD, so if you can strip your home collection of a couple of dozen albums, you could pocket around $100-$150.
Seriously! There’s something about boardgames that brings out the kid inside, and nostalgic titles – especially the ones you can’t buy in shops anymore ­– can fetch a premium. Consider Joelle’s experience: she bought a Friends version of the boardgame ‘SceneIt’ a few years ago on sale for $25, and it collected dust in her cupboard, virtually untouched. So, she listed it on eBay – and it sold for $86!
We all like to do a good wardrobe cleanout, so next time to cull your closet, you could consider trying to sell some of your unwanted items. That suit that you’ve worn once and only once? The designer dress you wore to your cousin’s wedding, and no longer fit? That shirt you got for Christmas that still has the tags on? All perfect candidates for sale on eBay! Designer labels retain their value exceptionally well, and vintage clothes and accessories can also generate good returns. If selling online isn’t your thing, you could try offloading your unwanted clothes at a second hand store on consignment.
If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having lost a mobile phone charger, you’ll understand why bits and pieces of technology sell so well online! You can make money on everything from unwanted phones, phone chargers and phone batteries to computer games, keyboards, hard drives and cameras.
Good quality jewelry holds its value and there are plenty of people online who are willing to pay decent dollars for it! Genuine sterling silver and 9ct-18ct gold rings, earrings and pendants can sell for almost as much as you paid for them via eBay, with detailed vintage pieces being especially sought after. There’s never been a better time to raid your jewelry box!

Other items that sell well online:

  • Collectibles: collectors are often willing to pay top dollar for items that are missing from their collections; think coins, toys and stamps.
  • Small appliances: if they’re in good condition they can be hot sellers
  • Books: even those that are not in new condition can sell at a decent price
  • Baby goods: baby clothes and toys are expensive, and they’re often only used for a couple of months before being tucked away in the cupboard! You’ll often make up to 80% back of the amount you paid for good quality, good condition baby items.