Steve Matsoukas#10 Independent Brokerage: Loan Gallery Finance

Location: Epping, Vic

New to the Top 10 Independent Brokerages line-up this year, Loan Gallery has taken the 10th spot, thanks to some solid performances in each of the categories our nominees were scored in. MPA caught up with Loan Gallery Finance director Steve Matsoukas for some bite-sized insights into what makes his business tick

What’s the secret to building a successful brokerage?

Hard work and providing value to the broking team and our referrers.

What are the advantages of being an independent brokerage?

The ability to work with a number of referrers.

How do you think independent brokerages can continue to thrive in today’s market?

By providing innovative solutions to our clients.

What advice would you offer to brokers who would like to set up an independent brokerage?

Work out what you like doing, then become the expert at it.

What’s your strategy for generating new business?

Working with new referrers to show them the value a motivated, skilled and dedicated broking team can provide to them, and working our database more systematically and intensively.
What is the most important thing a broker can do to grow their business?

Work really hard.

What trends have you noticed this year? Have you had to adapt your business strategies to the market conditions?

High LVR lending is becoming more challenging.

What are your goals for the year ahead?

To grow our referrer base and branch out into the land developers.

Have you diversified outside of mortgages? If so, how have you incorporated this into your business?

We are currently trying to diversify into the financial planning space. We’ve established relationships with planners across the regions we work to test the waters.


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