Application processes have also been streamlined with new verification options now available, including accountant's letters and BAS statements. Borrowers can obtain finance on a property with a loan to valuation ratio (LVR) of up to 80%. Being a specialty lender, Liberty's commercial products are somewhat unique, according to general manager, commercial, Steven Ramage. "We saw that the market had some holes that we could fill with our specialised approach. Our commercial loan allows longer loan terms - up to 30 years for owner-occupiers." Another new feature includes a 'set and forget' option, which means that businesses will no longer have to endure annual reviews in order to keep the loan. As Australia's commercial loan market swells to an estimated $32bn a month in size, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, lenders are increasingly offering feature-driven, customisable loan products to suit all types of enterprise.

It can be confusing to know whether to get a variable rate or fixed rate mortgage, and what features are important. That's why it's important to not only check the right rates, but make sure that you're getting the right features in your home loan. Get help choosing the right home loan