A new effort to provide more public housing across New South Wales has been revealed, with a $1bn project in the pipeline for the Baird government.
NSW Premier Mike Baird’s administration is set to partner with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and the NSW Council for Social Services to boost the number of housing starts in the area.
Few details about the deal were publicised but Baird said “the plan could involve the government’s providing an interest-rate subsidy similar to that extended to local government, or guaranteeing loans to community groups”.
Baird also failed to confirm how much the government needs to shell out for the project.
“Access to social housing is one of the most important drivers for addressing poverty and disadvantage. Yet there are nearly 60,000 households on the waiting list to access social housing in NSW, waiting times are over 10 years in a number of areas and affordable housing options are scarce,” said NCOSS chief executive Tracy Howe.

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