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Colin from NSW is on his way to financial freedom thanks to Property Secrets. Hear Colin's story about how unlocking the equity in his property helped him invest for the future and learn how Property Secrets can help you do the same.

Video transcript below:

Colin Quigley, Property Secrets Investor
Colin Quigley:  Hi.  I am Colin Quigley.  I am Property Secrets Investor.
I found out about Property Secrets through a friend of mine and I had plenty of equity in my house and a lot of equity in another property and I got to a stage where I didn’t know what I really wanted to do to invest for the future.  With no or very little superannuation, so we got together with Paul and had a talk and then I had a look at a few of the properties that he had been working on and I was pretty interested in the way we went.  So he released the equity in our own property and the equity that we had in our investment property up at [Byron] Bay.  Now we have got 6 to 7 properties and we are about to start on the granny flats which will take us into the realm of positive gearing and now my assets are a really good thing, because I want to start think about retiring.
People ask me about Property Secrets, the first thing I tell them is that it’s a one stop shop.  That’s the great advantage, because they will help you with the finance, they will help you find the property, they will help you do everything that you need to do with the least amount of drama.  
I think one of the great advantages of buying through Property Secrets and that sort of planning is that you are buying multiple properties.  The whole plan is to have one property and use the equity in that to get another one.  That’s exciting, that’s fun, but it’s also a great way of growing.  You could buy a gilt edge property in the inner city of Sydney and be sitting on it and paying a huge mortgage and really not having an advantage, but if you spread your investments through really great growth areas that don’t have the overheads that you would require for a big property in the city, you are a [mile in front] and absolute [mile in front] because you’ve got that diversity and diversity is what it’s all about.  
If you speak to people who invest in shares, none of them just buy one lot of share, they have a diverse package, all the super annuation funds have a diverse package.  I didn’t have any superannuation and everyone who has had super lately can tell you that their super funds have dived 2 or 3 times at least in the last 5 or 6 years.  Not so with the properties and it’s a lot more enjoyable having the properties and controlling your portfolio especially through the advantage of being involved with Property Secrets than it used to be getting the newspaper everyday and freaking out about what the share prices.
I live in Annandale where the property values are really high and if you were to look at investing there you would have a very very large holding investment in that property.  You would have to have a lot of equity to even say I had 20%.  Then you got one property where the rents are going to be quite high, but then all the overheads are high and the carrying costs of the investment are very high.  By investing in the western suburbs, firstly the houses are never ever without a tenant.  That’s a really interesting thing.  It’s where people live, it’s where there is a shortage of housing and it’s where you have no problem at all with tenants.  You are able to choose who you want to have as a tenant and it becomes a whole lot less of a worry, because you are diversified, your holding costs are low and the incentive is there for you to expand your portfolio.

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