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Building your property investment portfolio

Property Secrets can help you build your property investment portfolio, client Cherie can tell you how they helped her.

Video transcript below:

Cherie Irvine:  Hi.  I am Cherie Irvine and I am a Property Secrets Investor.  
What has your experience with Property Secrets been like?
Cherie Irvine: Well before meeting you Paul, we had a property and we really didn’t know what to do as far as investing and since then, we have got 6 properties now, 6 or 7 it’s fantastic.  Couldn’t have, I couldn’t have done it without your help.  It’s just an amazing thing that we have achieved I think.  I wouldn’t, I always wanted to invest, but I just didn’t know how to do it.  And I was totally unsure, but you organised everything and it’s all going along really very well.  
What benefits did you get from visiting Property Secrets?
Cherie Irvine: When we first started investing with Property Secrets, you don’t know what to do, you don’t where to go, you don’t know how to go about it.  Property Secrets have taken everything that you need to do.  All the property management is done for you, you don’t have to worry about anything.  You know the tenants are organised.  There is always somebody there to lease your houses.  You don’t have to worry about that.  If there is any maintenance they do all the maintenance for you.  They just let you know what’s needed to be done.  You give the go ahead and it’s done.  You don’t have to worry about anything.
What first time investor problems does Property Secrets solve?
Cherie Irvine: You know what happens next.  Basically you don’t know, first off you don’t know who to buy property off.  I didn’t have to buy it, you know I sent Property Secrets and they bought the property for me which is just amazing, at the right price, which is fantastic.  I think one of the properties was $200,000 and it’s valued now at $380,000.  So that’s like, that’s an amazing thing.  Always tenanted, don’t have to do, don’t even have to wait if one of the tenants move out, always tenanted, it’s wonderful.
Describe the “Property Secrets experience”
Cherie Irvine: Property Secrets has always been excellent in the management that they do in this office.  It’s just a phone call away.  Anything that we need done, we ring them.  I am a little bit unsure about all the business side of things, so I speak to one of the girls in the office and they just assure me.  They always ring me beforehand before they do anything, I give them go ahead and it’s done.  It’s fixed, everything is fixed, it’s organised.  Or the banking details, anything to do with you know as I said before maintenance everything is just done, it’s organised.  It’s really exceptional.
How do you describe Property Secrets to other people?
Cherie Irvine: I find it really difficult to explain what I am doing with Property Secrets because I am not, I haven’t got a business mind and that’s why I love them.  I just let them know that what I wanted to do was to own a few little properties that maybe one day would bring me an income and it really they have just done the whole thing for me, it’s quite amazing, I love it.  It’s really good, I feel really confident.  
What is the next step?
Cherie Irvine: Property Secrets has started me buying some properties on my own which is I think really great.  Now we are going to put some granny flats on them and then we will be getting more income in, I will be able to have a little bit more income and I will be free, I will be able to use my own money.  I have an income and the burden will be off me and it’s great.
What investment advice did you get from Property Secrets?
Cherie Irvine: Property Secrets had advised me to buy out in the western suburbs.  I would never have been able to buy anything in the areas that you think that you would love to live in.  In the inner city, you can’t really do that, but in the outer suburbs where I bought the houses, it’s been very very good.  I can afford you know to run them with their help and yeah it’s good.
How can you invest in Property, if you’re not rich?
I have started and by getting one, then you can progress to another one.  Now with a granny flat that would help to pay off the other one.  It’s all just working, it’s a fantastic thing really very good.

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