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Best Customer Service - State Custodians

State Custodians takes out the award for Best Customer Service at The Australian Home Loan Awards, as voted for by over 10,000 Australian's.

Listen to the experience of one of their customers.

Video transcript below:

The results are in and you backed a Winner!!!

Heidi Armstrong, Director, State Custodians Mortgage Company
Heidi Armstrong:  The results of the Australian home loan awards are in.  I would like to thank all of our happy clients who took the time to vote for State Custodians.  Because of you State Custodians has taken out the gold award for customer service and we did this outranking over a 135 other lenders, so we are absolutely thrilled.  You know this is the first award survey of its kind, where more than 10,000 Australians were taking part and they all took part to rate their current lender.  So this puts the decision making firmly in the hands of you, the customer.  It’s very unique.  And look, like many of our happy clients, we have Anna and Matt and they are to share some of the stories about why they were happy with State Custodians.
Anna & Matt from Victoria
Anna: Once we found what we wanted, we knew we wanted it.
Matt: Before we didn’t actually expect to get the house easily.
Anna: Yeah, we didn’t think we would get it, it was down to the wire.  
Anna: Matt, he is the one that found State Custodians.  I’ll let you tell how.
Matt: Oh I was just doing some research for a loan and basically it was the interest rate was cheaper and 
Anna: I mean do you remember even Leslie congratulated and she sent us an email and you know it was like, oh well done you got the house you wanted.  So
Matt: We have had advice in the past with, well other major institutions, banking institutions and it was nowhere near the personalised service.
Anna: It can be fairly substantial savings and so that’s when you kind of start to save over the x number of loans over these houses that we have, we should be able to get a good rate and take everything.  It did seem fairly seamless and easy.
Matt: Probably the best service that we got with any other, any other loan. We will recommend you again
Anna: Yeah, from our perspective, from my perspective I mean Matt did the research and all of that, but it just
Matt:  All the work
Anna: Yeah.  [both laugh]  
Matt: Can you hear that tape?
Anna: All of it.
Thank you for your kind words Anna & Matt
Thanks for your votes.
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