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Saving enough for a deposit Saving enough for a deposit

My partner and I have been saving for our first home for a few months now. We want to buy a house around the $400,000 mark and we are hoping to save at least 15% of the purchase price for the deposit.

Lender's Mortgage Insurance

Lender's Mortgage Insurance With my first home, I only saved 10% for the deposit and had a fairly large fee for Lenders mortgage insurance from my lender. Is there any way to avoid lenders mortgage insurance for my next home pur ... Read more

Property price growth

Property price growth At the moment, we are saving to purchase a property, but it seems like property prices are only continuing to increase. Is this going to continue for the next few years or will we see some relief? How ... Read more

Shopping online

Shopping online I do the majority of my shopping online. But is there a way to be more savvy and save on shipping or other fees? ... Read more

  • Rising Interest Rates

    I currently have a variable interest rate home loan and have been reading articles about possible interest rate rises. Should I be worried about this? Read more

  • Home Loan Shopping

    I am looking for a home loan and there are a few different loan products I am interested in. Can I apply for a home loan with multiple lenders? Read more

  • Renting to people you know

    I have an investment property which is currently tenanted and the lease will be ending in a few months. My brother and his partner are looking for a place to rent and I am thinking ... Read more

  • Loan Application Declined

    If I am declined for a home loan, how soon after can I apply for a loan again? Also, can I apply to the same lender? Read more

  • Pets allowed

    Many investors I know are against allowing pets in their investment properties. But, I keep hearing that it makes a property more attractive to tenants. If I do decide to make my p ... Read more

  • First home buyers looking to invest

    I am a first home buyer and I’m having trouble trying to find a property. I have been looking for a few months now and the properties have either been out of my price range or not ... Read more

  • Buying before selling

    My partner and I are looking to purchase a new house and have just found a great property in a really good location. We really want to make an offer on the house, but haven’t sold ... Read more

  • Joint property ventures

    My friend and I have been renting together for a couple of years and we are thinking about purchasing a house together. Read more

  • Property Valuations

    Heidi Armstrong answers a reader question about home loan valuations. What to do if a property is in poor condition. Read more

  • Investing in a Serviced Apartment

    Serviced apartments are fully-furnished apartments for short or long-term-stays that are often less expensive than hotel rooms and a favoured option for corporate travellers. Read more

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Monday Sep 25, 2017
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