Property investors: Australia's unsung heroes

By Your Mortgage
Investing in property is challenging at the best of time, even more so in a turbulent market. It takes strength of character and it demands focus and discipline. This is why only 7% of Australia’s 22 million inhabitants are investing in property!
While property investors are in the game to create wealth, they also contribute a significant portion to the residential market. Without investors, over 20% of Aussies who rent would have nowhere to live! Investors also contribute to the overall health of the economy by creating jobs in the construction, finance, legal and accounting sectors.
But these unsung heroes are undoubtedly not getting the recognition they deserve for their contribution to the Australian society. The general public certainly does not. And many investors don’t give themselves enough credit for their contributions.
To this end, Your Investment Property magazine started running an annual Investor of the Year competition to do just that - to give credit where it’s due and further highlight property investors’ important role to the society as a whole.
This year, we would like to make this competition even more rewarding. We’re offering more than $100,000 in cash and prizes to the three winners. No matter where you are in your property investment journey, whether you own 1 or 100 properties in your portfolio, you could be the next Investor of the Year.
Entering is very simple, just go to to fill in the form.
Allow us to recognise your achievements. Share your journey with us and be an inspiration to all others who want to invest in property.
The competition is about to close. Deadline is on 8th November 2010. Please take a few minutes to fill the form at and be on your way to win these fabulous prizes!