If you want to put your home on the market any time soon there are some simple things you can do (without spending a fortune) to attract more buyings and get a higher price.


1. Invite your friends around and have a working bee

Fix anything shabby like cracked windows, dirty walls, messy gardens, missing fence pailings and leaking taps


2. Send your pets on a holiday

Surely grandma would love to bond with Barney the Beagle for a few weeks or at least for a few hours on Saturday while your home is open for inspection. Pets and their odours and droppings can be a bigger turn off than you might think


3. Be objective

You may think your home is perfect but ask someone else to cast an eye over the property and point out faults you may overlook


4. Develop a green thumb

Give your garden a makeover. If you don't want to spend a fortune on plants ask friends and family for cuttins from their gardens. Plant flowers and fragrant plants to add appeal


5. Spring clean

A spotless house will always present better to potential buyers


6. Light and air

Open windows and doors as much as possible and maximise the amount of light in every room. A sunny, airy, sweet-smelling house is always more attractive than a dark, dank one


7. Get professional help

Consider calling a home stylist to add some finishing touches to your presentation or consult websites and magazines to find ways to accessorise, de-clutter and add a bit of bling