A new privately owned, all-inclusive property education course designed by Adelaide 'property professor' Peter Koulizos and TAFE South Australia, has brought property back into the classroom. 

After countless years of teaching about investment and property, Koulizos was offered a job at TAFE South Australia, where the demand for a more comprehensive course meant the beginnings of The Property School. 

The course has been running in SA for five years now, arriving in Sydney in 2007 to take on a very competitive market filled with eager homebuyers, renovators and investors.

Koulizos said the course is designed to further develop the property knowledge of each individual who attends.

"It's purely for their own personal development, and they're taught by people who are property investors themselves - so they don't just talk the talk," said Koulizos.

The Property School is open to a wide range of students, young and old, who are on the hunt for property money-making secrets.

"Generally our students tend to be 25 to 45 years of age. There's a high proportion of what I call 'single again women' taking charge of their investing, people who still rent the home they live in, right through to people who might have half a dozen units that they're developing at the moment," he said.

The course costs $2,900 and includes countless lessons and field trips which aim to guide students through the ins and outs of buying, selling, renovating, negotiating, developing or renting property.

There are no tests or exams, and the best part is - homework is optional. There are courses currently running in SA, Surry Hills in Sydney, Victoria University in Melbourne, Gold Coast TAFE, and WA TAFE.

The next course in Sydney begins on 16 June until 26 August 2007