Common household duties such as shopping for groceries, laundry, cooking and childcare will be covered in a new insurance scheme that insures women for unpaid work.

Million Dollar Woman has released an insurance product will pay out up to $900 a week for up to 13 weeks in the event the policyholder is sick or injured.
The product, which is available for about $2.50 a day, targets a segment of the population that has been traditionally ignored by insurance companies.

“This has taken 100 years but the housework that Australian mums perform every day is finally being recognized and valued,” said Million Dollar Woman chief executive Lynette Argent.

To claim insurance, carers must be assessed by their doctor and deemed unable to perform two of five jobs including laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning and child care.

Newspoll research reveals that 1.2 million women aged 18 and over were injured so badly in the last six months they were unable to clean their own house.

The most common injuries are dislocations, sprains, torn muscles or ligaments (15%), followed by serious cuts, wounds or bruising (12%).
The most common cause of injuries was falling (27%) followed by “hitting something” or being “hit by something” (20%).

The Newspoll survey also found that Generation X and Y (18-49) are more accident prone and more likely to administer their own medical treatment compared to Baby Boomers.