Changes to unfair dismissal laws proposed by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) this week will increase red tape for small businesses according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). Sweeping changes to unfair dismissal laws are likely to be announced in the ALP's full industrial relations policy. The REIA is concerned this will make it more difficult for small businesses, such as brokers and estate agents, to operate effectively. Graham Joyce, REIA president, said: "The proposed dismissal platform will be a large problem for small businesses. Australia's 1.2 million small businesses provide 3.3 million jobs and are, effectively, Australia's largest employer. The negative impact of this proposal will be significant." He added: "The REIA is very concerned that the proposed changes to unfair dismissal laws herald unfairness for small business, as well as less flexibility and more red tape. Small businesses are more likely to hire new staff if they aren't exposed to debilitating dismissal claims."