Real estate buyers should be cautious with advisers presenting deals that tend to be more beneficial to the latter.

Some documents show that advisers can get up to $300,000 a year for closing a successful sale every week. They can also get $5000 for every successful residential property referral.

Companies that represent property developers selling almost-completed apartments and houses offer 1 per cent commission for a $500,000 property.

According to Suzi Antic, director and investor advocate for Melbourne Property Acquisition and Investments which acts as an intermediary between developers and advisers, the departure of Asian investors is affecting the market.

"A lot of developers are really struggling to sell apartments that have been built. That means they are honing in on local buyers." Antic says.

Despite the latest interest rate cuts, property sales have been lower. Some real estate agents claim sales inquiries have decreased by about 40 per cent since lenders tightened regulations on overseas' borrowers.  There is also growing concern that there will be an oversupply of apartments that may outpace the demand for these.

As a result, developers now even offer luxury flights and accommodation packages to Europe and Asia for potential buyers, along with discounted or extended settlement terms.

Buyers are now advised to always clarify first with the agent or adviser how much will be paid before signing any authority.

"A good finance broker returns power to the consumer by offering a choice between lenders," says Christopher Foster-Ramsay, principal of Foster Ramsay Finance. "They also offer expertise about products, debt structuring advice, quicker service and after-settlement assistance."