BidMyLoan is new, different and effective. They are serious about helping you get a better home loan and they work hard for that to happen.

BidMyLoan help you secure the right loan for you. BidMyLoan don't get involved after that and they don't believe in receiving a trail commission. Instead they recommend the lenders pass on those savings on to you when bidding on a home loan.

BidMyLoan was founded to meet a growing demand by consumers for a trusted means of ensuring they are getting the best available deal to match their mortgage requirements.

BidMyLoan want you to be in control and that is why, as far as we are aware, they are the only home loan site where you can login and view your personalised offer. There is no pressure to make an immediate decision or choose a lender that they recommend.

BidMyLoan are part of Once Pty Ltd which provides a range of online products and services designed to help households better manage their finances. Once Pty Ltd is backed by the multi billion dollar Yanlord Group. Yanlord is based in Singapore and has built its business from small beginnings to global success over 25 years of dedicated performance. That means BidMyLoan is around for the long haul, they are committed to doing things better and they will invest to make sure they can.

BidMyLoan is a member of Credit Ombudsman Services Limited. They have adopted the Australian Guidelines for Electronic Commerce as established by the Commonwealth Treasury.

The BidMyLoan website security has been verified as a trusted site by Commodo which means your information is safe and secure.

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