1. Carbon tax compensation payment scams

It didn’t take long; a new government tax means a new opportunity for scammers to make a buck. These scams involve someone calling you out of the blue, claiming to be from the Australian Government or a government department. They will offer you a compensation payment as part of the Australian Government's Carbon Tax initiative and tell you that you qualify based on any number of fake reasons.

The scammer will ask for your bank account details, and with this information they can potentially gain access to your money and personal details.

The Australian Government will never call you to ask for your bank account details or offer you carbon tax compensation.

2. Money transfer requests

A scammer will contact you promising huge rewards if you help them transfer money by paying fees or giving them your bank account details. Also known as Nigerian scams, you are asked to help the scammer transfer money out of their country, usually transferring them large sums of your own money first.
3. Lotteries and fake prizes
These scams involve letters or emails saying you have won a bogus lottery or prize and that to claim your 'winnings' you must first send money or your personal details.
4. Pyramid selling schemes
You are promised that you’ll earn thousands of dollars in return for signing up as a member of the scheme. You pay to become a member but the only way to recover your money is to convince others to join up and also pay money. These schemes flop when the supply of 'victims' dries up.
5. Charity scams
Scammers may set up fake websites or call you pretending to be from a charity to get your money or credit card details.
The ACCC's SCAMwatch website is a good place to start looking for information on scams.