The results from the 2009 MPA/Westpac Top 100 Brokers rankings are in and its time to see whether your broker features in the spotlight!

The following list of brokers, produced by the Your Mortgage sister publication Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA), features the top 10 brokers from the many who battled through a financial year fraught with ongoing global economic challenges.

Topping the list at no. 1 was;
Wendy Higgins, from Mortgage Choice Glenelg East, South Australia, has 11 years of experience as a broker and wrote more than $123m worth of residential loans for the 2008/2009 financial year. She attributes her success to her passion for helping clients reach their home ownership dreams and property investment wealth creation goals.

"It's seeing existing clients again and again and seeing how excited they are about what they have achieved because of my initial encouragement and advice about property investment and loan structuring," Higgins says.

No. 2
Women dominated the top two ranking on this year's MPA/Westpac TOP 100 broker list. Linda Wei Jing Lin from DY Home Loans in Preston, Victoria settled: $116,460,698 worth of loans during the 2008/2009 financial year. She has been a broker for six years and says, "Following in the footsteps of Bill Ling, who is the top 6th broker and is also my brother, friend, leader, business partner and boss" has been the key to her success.

No 3
Jeremy Fisher from 1st Street in Rose Bay, New South Wales was the top male in this year's MPA/Westpac TOP 100 brokers list, settling $102,523,656 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year. He has a substantial six years in the industry and attributed his success so far to his clients.

"I enjoy seeing my clients achieving their dreams with minimal stress throughout the entire process. I am driven by the continual client referrals that form the foundation of my brokerage," Fisher says.

He says the most important and challenging aspect of 2008/2009 was to keep his clients well informed of interest rate movements, "to ensure that they didn't over-commit themselves".

No. 4
Colin Lamb from Mortgage Solutions Australia in Doubleview, Western Australia has eight years of experience as a broker and managed to settle $100,316,862 worth of home loans over the 2008/2009 financial year.

Lamb says the most challenging part of the year was keeping his clients positive about the mortgage market. "With the GFC a lot of people put a hold on purchasing property, with some selling off to reduce debt and exposure. We spent a lot of time either restructuring existing debts or assisting with discharges."

However Lamb says being able to assist clients, whether they are first home buyers or complex investors, is what drives him to be a successful mortgage broker.

"Seeing their reaction when I advise them that their finance has been approved is priceless. The financial aspect is also a consideration but nothing beats clients' reactions," he says.

No. 5
Michael Searle from The Home Loan Centre in Canberra, ACT pushed through the global financial crisis to settle $93,456,612 worth of loans within the 2008/2009 financial year. Although he survived he hopes things will never get this bad again.

"The 08/09 period put enormous pressure on the lending channel and banks turnarounds went from bad to worse," says Searle.

No. 6
Bill Ling from DY Home Loans in Preston, Victoria is the brother and mentor of no. 2 MPA/Westpac TOP 100 place holder Linda Wei Jing Lin. Bill Ling has been a broker for 11 years and managed to settle $91,810,602 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year. Like no 3. MPA/Westpac TOP 100 broker Jeremy Fisher, Ling says referrals from clients is what keeps his business alive and successful.

"I realise that referrals are the lifeblood of my business and I try to offer the best service to each of my customers. Thus, they can refer more and more business to me," he says.

Ling says the most positive part of the 2008/09 years was the government stimulus actions. "Increased first home owner grant and decreased mortgage interest rates significantly stimulated the Australian property market."

No. 7
Lisa Sanders from Loan Management Services on the Gold Coast, Queensland has been a broker for nine years and settled $90,451,169 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year. Sanders says helping her clients fulfil their financial dreams to purchase their own home, or to buy an investment property drives her to be a successful mortgage broker.

"I love to focus on helping my clients to build a substantial portfolio that will provide them returns for years to come," says Sanders. "We also work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure they maximise their potential to reduce bad debt and consequently build wealth.

Sanders says her goal for 2009/2010 is to reach the no. 1 spot on the MPA TOP 100 brokers list.

"The best compliment we can receive is a referral from a client and with this, we're always advancing to provide first-class reliable service with fast turn-around times.  We will aim to fully utilise and maximise our database by adding value and continue to increase our events, marketing campaigns and product information to our client base," says Sanders.

No. 8
Broker Justin Doobov from Intelligent Finance in Bondi Junction, New South Wales recently won the 2009 Australian Mortgage Awards trophy for Best Customer Service in Australia. While the MPA/Westpac top 100 broker award is based on volume of business (Doobov wrote $88,833,519 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year), the award of Australia's Best Customer Service provider shows that it's possible to write a lot of business, and still offer market-leading customer service at the same time.

"My clients place trust in us to provide not only a very competitive mortgage rate and a good structure but to project manage the whole process. We fully commit to assisting our clients and we'll will do whatever it takes to ensure that we exceed their expectations," Doobov says.

No. 9
Gerard Tiffen from Tiffen & Co/The Mortgage Detective in Kingston, ACT settled $88,133,908 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year. He has 14 years of experience as a broker and puts his success down to those who he works with.

"The people I work with inspire me. My assistants Alison and Leisa keep me on track and are the best at what they do, and the fact I get great support from my friends and family keeps me driven," he says.

Scott Marshall from The Loan Arranger in Adelaide, South Australia has eight years experience as a broker. He settled $86,423,574 worth of loans in the 2008/2009 financial year and says "helping people get into their homes and the challenge of growing my business" drives him to be a successful broker.

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The 2009 MPA Top 100 list


Rank Name Company Total home loan settlements
100 Terry Hunt Mortgagenet Pty Ltd  $35,505,472
99 Greg Cook Insight Home Loans $35,602,140
98 Michael Harrison Home Loan Specialist  $35,636,780
97 Ian Colquhoun Aussie  $35,644,564
96 Dean Riordan Easi Home Loans  $35,652,254
95 Tony Petrevski Smartline  $35,713,339
94 Michael Johnston Resolve Financial Solutions  $35,842,257
93 Chris Antypas Aussie  $35,976,896
92 Kevin Pausin Westate Finance  $36,146,881
91 Brad Smart Zobel $36,361,511
90 Andrew Ward Aussie $36,425,703
89 Vincent Power Investors Direct $36,489,143
88 Ian Simpson Smartline $36,698,519
87 Jim Sharif Aussie  $36,944,079
86 Steve Moore Expert Lending  $36,945,042
85 Angelo Benedetti Oracle Lending Solutions  $37,259,859
84 Richard Velliaris Resolve Financial Solutions  $37,642,276
83 Jamie Demas Aussie $39,045,795
82 Joe De Sousa Aussie $39,063,715
81 Bill Groves Aussie  $39,091,916
80 Louise Finney Resolve Financial Solutions  
79 Paul Wright IPS Home Loans  $39,353,489
78 Troy Milanko Resolve Financial Solutions  $39,443,231
77 Sandy Joseph Mortgage Solutions Australia  $40,463,645
76 Mike Buchecker Aussie  $40,606,589
75 Robert Hodson Aussie  $40,826,024
74 Chris Bibby Accurate Financial Consultants Pty Ltd  $41,074,320
73 Peter Fitzpatrick Outback Financial Services  $41,218,434
72 Scott Hallam Loan Market $41,372,635
71 Andrew Mirams Intuitive Finance $42,571,515
70 Hye Young Kim Now Home Loan Pty Ltd  $42,790,419
69 David Johnson Strategic Property Finance  $42,837,750
68 Janine Carpenter Independent Mortgage & Finance Services  $43,021,402
67 Joshua Egan Club Financial Services Gippsland $43,462,763
66 Adam Maciejewski MCP Finance Brokers & Lawyers  $43,508,415
65 Kate Barnes Aussie  $43,803,027
64 Duane Brown Aussie  $43,841,768
63 Brian Hocking Smartline  $44,220,605
62 Alex Shumsky Consolidated FS  $44,615,014
61 Stephen Gravina Toowoomba Home Loans $45,295,087
60 Max Ivanoff Mortgage Fair $45,595,745
59 Martin Ireland  Resolve Financial Solutions  $46,764,139
58 Serge Scekic Aussie  $47,123,788
57 Darin Yacopetti Able Finance  $47,641,755
56 Mark Roesler Easy Loans Pty Ltd  $47,755,374
55 Kelly Cameron-Tull Get Real Finance  $47,951,000
54 Damien Roylance Property Planning Australia  $48,873,196
53 Garry Coxon Absolute Financial Services $48,898,712
52 Paul Mazzella Brokerhouse $49,955,000
51 Jeffrey Delbridge Mortgage Solutions Australia $50,157,508
50 Mario Borg Mortgage Achievers  $50,246,782
49 Larry Hirsch Charter Mortgage & Finance / House & Home Loans  $50,320,972
48 Bevan O'Farrell Kalanni Pty Ltd  $50,616,987
47 Daniel O'Brien PFS Financial Services $51,070,000
46 Mark O’Reilly Clairmont Financial Services  $51,333,917
45  David Friend Tiffen & Co/ The Mortgage Detective $51,376,125
44  Karen LeComte Smartline  $51,587,568
43  Brad Williamson The Loan Company  $52,330,259
42  Matt Bolland The Loan Co  $52,631,215
41  Jeff Hart Club Financial Services Unley  $53,094,604
40  Rael Bricker House & Home Loans  $53,600,000
39  Anthony Smith Gracetree Group  $53,836,907
38  Steve Marshall The Loan Arranger  $54,084,205
37  David Westerman State Custodians Mortgage Company  $54,172,874
36  Brad Oliver First Choice Home Loans  $54,510,740
35  Claire Kilgore National Mortgages Pty Ltd  $54,550,474
34  Stephen Arthur Smith Mortgage Solutions Australia  $54,698,503
33  Moshe Moses Niche Lending  $56,676,000
32  Sarah Dougan LJ Hooker Financial Services  $58,000,000
31  Kobi Chillman Members Alliance Home Loans  $58,073,866
30  David Brell Smartmove $58,637,855
29  Brett Amos Seven Point Finance Pty Ltd  $59,000,000
28  Galvin Dawson Finance Edge Australia Pty Ltd  $59,023,434
27  Simon Orbell Smartmove  $59,473,180
26  Helen Lenyszyn Independent Mortgage & Finance Services  $60,618,336
25  Paul Taylor Toowoomba Home Loans  $61,524,400
24  Peter Goldberg Pinnacle Capital  $62,012,601
23  Andrew Brumby Develop & Invest Pty Ltd   $64,599,193
22  Terry Hill Queensland Financial Services  $66,464,333
21  Heather Nyssen Queensland Financial Services  $68,068,722
20  Alistair Baker Aussie  $68,511,896
19  Ed Nixon Trilogy Funding  $70,499,696
18  Troy Cameron Stratique Finance  $71,078,898
17  Nicholas Don Odyssey Financial P/L $74,570,000
16  Julie Mahony Mortgage Choice  $75,683,002
15  Michelle Coleman WHO Finance $79,058,753
14  Katrina Rowlands  Mortgage Success  $79,263,788
13  Peter Ellis Oxygen Home Loans  $80,037,789
12  Murray Kent Pacific Home Loans and Borrowers Choice  $80,590,718
11  Brad Nolan Eastern Financial Solutions  $83,832,536
10  Scott Marshall The Loan Arranger  $86,423,574
9  Gerard Tiffen Tiffen & Co/ The Mortgage Detective $88,133,908
8  Justin Doobov Intelligent Finance $88,833,519
7  Lisa Sanders Loan Management Services $90,451,169
6  Bill Ling DY Home Loans  $91,810,602
5  Michael Searle The Home Loan Centre  $93,456,612
4  Colin Lamb Mortgage Solutions Australia  $100,316,862
3  Jeremy Fisher 1st Street  $102,523,656
2  (Linda)Wei Jing Lin DY Home Loans  $116,460,698
1  Wendy Higgins  Mortgage Choice  $123,601,864