Business at Glenn English’s brokerage is booming, not despite APRA’s changes but because of them
Established 2006

MPA: What changed in your business and your local market this year?

Glenn English, principal:
It is definitely a tougher market due to the ongoing changes with APRA, rate changes and an increase in house prices. But despite these market difficulties, we’ve seen an increase in our customer enquiries. Aussie is quick to adapt and embrace change; we have grown the team by increasing our support staff, which has helped our brokers to provide even better customer service and ultimately write more loans.

MPA: How do you benefit from being part of a franchise?

Working with a well-known and respected brand has its benefits. It helps to open doors, as people recognise who we are and what we do. The Aussie brand, combined with the exceptional personal service and support that our office provides, makes a great combination.

MPA: Other than through client referrals, how do you generate leads on a limited budget?
Customer referrals make up the majority of our business, and we wouldn’t have such a successful business without their ongoing support. Our referral partners are equally important, and each broker has formed their own referral partnerships. This is beneficial to our business as it broadens the number of referral partners we work with, which helps to build not only our individual businesses but also the franchise.

MPA: Have your clients been affected by recent rate hikes and policy changes, and what are you doing to respond?

The rate hikes have had an impact on some of our customers, and my team takes a personal approach with their customers to find the right solutions for their home loan needs.

I know some brokers wonder why there have been so many changes introduced by APRA, but if you sit back and look at the big picture, in my opinion the changes are there for good reason. Again, these changes have seen a growth in our business which I attribute to our ability to adapt to the new market conditions, versus other brokers who may not have embraced the change or mastered lender policy to find alternative solutions to their customers’ needs.