Aussie’s big hitters are back with a vengeance, recruiting and retraining staff to further improve their customer service
Established 2009

MPA: What changed in your business and your local market this year?

Ross Le Quesne, co-owner:
We had a significant change to core staff in our business in the period. This meant that our focus was on recruiting the best people possible for the roles. While this did take time, as training and upskilling were involved, it provided us with the opportunity to hand-select staff and recruit change embracers; people with flexible, can-do attitudes and with an exceptionally high work ethic and customer-centric values. This has been important in achieving the changes necessary to move our business forward and enhance our customer service proposition.

MPA: How do you benefit from being part of a franchise?

Aussie Parramatta’s unique selling points coupled with strength of the Aussie brand give us the strongest chance to be the best we can be. Aussie’s brand awareness and longevity helps us attract new customers by giving them the confidence that they are benefiting from many years of experience and knowledge.

MPA: Other than through client referrals, how do you generate leads on a limited budget?

Our business systems and processes are in place to encourage repeat and referral business, which is underpinned by our delivery of exceptional customer service. They are intrinsically linked to our delivery of exceptional customer service. More than 80% of our business comes from referrals from existing customers, solicitors, accountants, buyers’ agents and real estate agents.

MPA: Have your clients been affected by recent rate hikes and policy changes, and what are you doing to respond?

Recent changes to APRA and increases to current lender rates are drawing people to the likes of brokers as we have more options available to us to help them satisfy their financial objectives. We are open and honest with clients about their options from the beginning of their journey. There are some instances where we cannot help the client in the first consultation; however, we stay in touch with them ... It is key that we stay abreast of all lender and policy changes so we can help our clients make informed decisions about their property finance options.