Aggregator: Connective

State: NSW 

Total value of residential loans FY2018/19: $104,636,367

Total number of residential loans FY2018/19: 197

Jordan Beh doesn’t spend his money on marketing and doesn’t even have a website – his business is built entirely around customer relationships.

While marketing works really well for some people, he says not doing it helps him cut out the clutter and focus all his efforts on the customer. That way, he can deliver the best experience possible for the customer, and they will refer family and friends.

His approach to good client relationships is a simple one, he says. “I want to create rock-solid professional relationships with my clients so that they will stay with me for life,” he says. “For me, quality relationships are more important than quantity. It isn’t easy – there are many late nights. Many of my clients contact me outside the traditional nine-to-five working day, but I always try to make myself available to them.”

Beh launched Insight Property Finance in 2017 after three years at Westpac made him realise how passionate he was about lending. The group provides fi nance solutions for asset and commercial, as well as their “bread and butter”, residential property.

The last 12 months have been “a bit of a rollercoaster”, Beh says. He has seen lenders tighten up in some areas but loosen up in others, with higher scrutiny of living expenses and increased appetite for interest-only lending. Beh himself wrote 15 interest-only loans in the last financial year.

He has also seen a tightening of the gap between investment and owner-occupier rates.

Beh’s willingness to learn and adapt has helped him overcome these changes.

“Being relatively new to the industry has had a benefit as I don’t have many ingrained habits yet, which makes it easier to change our processes as required,” he says.

Beh says that in this competitive environment there are many diffrerent characteristics that make a good broker.

“Personally, I think a few key qualities would include good attention to detail, tenacity and a genuine care for the clients they service,” he says.