Aggregator: AFG

State: NSW

Total value of residential loans FY2018/19: $111,041,594

Total number of residential loans FY2018/19: 247

For a broker in the business for just three years, it’s an impressive feat to be in the top 10. Jarred Spurr, director of Sphere Finance, says his success is down to hard work and being driven, as well as having a great team at work and at home.

“The team is an extremely driven team with amazing support, and everyone is there for each other,” Spurr says. “We set high expectations in all areas and frequently smash our goals. There’s no way I would be able to achieve my goals without my team – and a special mention to my assistant, Hannah.”

Being a new broker is tough at the best of times, but the challenges of the last year have applied extra pressure.

Spurr says everyone would have been affected by the huge changes in the industry over the year, but it hasn’t been all bad.

“I think the changes have been needed and have been good changes in respect to ensuring we are placing the clients’ best interests first and making sure the clients are going to be OK moving forward,” he says.

“There’ve been some extreme changes throughout the year, which I believe were slightly over the top and not needed, but these have been looked at and changed throughout the year." 

Spurr says he has always put the client’s interest ahead of his own, ensuring they are provided with clear information and expectations.

The client relationship is key, he says. Spurr and the team at Sphere ensure the client is contacted regularly with updates throughout the loan process and after settlement.

"A happy client is key to any business, especially in our industry. The client is at the centre of everything we do and will always be provided 10 out of 10 service,” Spurr says.