Established in 2008
Based in Sydney, NSW
Senior managers: Raymond Xue and Canna Cao

Amongst its many distinctions, ACA Mortgage Solution is home to Raymond Xue, Australia’s current number-one broker, according to both MPA’s Top 100 and the Australian Mortgage Awards. However, the force behind the brokerage – a constant performer in both MPA’s and AFG’s awards – is in fact Xue’s wife, Canna Cao. Having found a system that works well, ACA Mortgage Solution hasn’t changed too much over the past year, she explains; they’re just keeping up the hard work: “We’re just very attentive to detail, every day.”

The team at ACA Mortgage Solution don’t just work hard, they work smart. Xue attributed his success in last year’s MPA Top 100 Brokers to changing the way the brokerage processes loans. “One case officer might look after 10 clients at the same time,” Cao explains, “but they will look after that client from application to settlement – and even after settlement, if clients want to top up.”

The brokerage has both a local and international focus. “Locality is very important,” Cao says. They get a large amount of business from Sydney’s southern suburbs, she notes, and from central Sydney, due to referrals from estate agents, but not much from other states. The brokerage advertises in China Daily and other Chinese-language publications, but there’s also a huge amount of repeat business, Cao says. “As people go from owning one property
to owning 10, they always come back to us.”

They’ve also taken their use of social media network WeChat to new heights. “After Raymond won the AMA, we ran a story on WeChat; 48,000 people read that update,” Cao says. But they’re selective with what they put on WeChat, she adds. “It’s not about promotion; it’s about telling a story about me and Raymond setting up the brokerage, working very hard, overcoming difficulties.”

Despite all of ACA Mortgage Solution’s innovations in improving lead generation and processing, Cao is insistent that the brokerage’s success comes to down to relentless effort. “We just work very hard; there’s no secret here,” she says. “Raymond and I, Monday to Friday, work 12–14 hours per day and sometimes Saturday. We’re serious about this business, and we make our clients’ interests our number-one priority.”