Planning for the future with a new co-franchise owner on board

Aussie Belmont NSW is serious about providing genuine customer care.

“We talk about it every day,” says franchise owner Phil Gallagher. His team practises daily 10-minute ‘stand up’ sessions to make sure everybody is in the loop. The habit allows them to identify issues that need greater attention so they can better service customers.

Gallagher believes in mulling over what one could have done differently to make the deal better. “We can’t just behave in a way that we did a week ago, because the world is changing fast,” he says.

“Nothing feels better than helping a client buy their first home, an investment property, or whatever it is they think wasn’t possible to achieve,”

Gallagher says. “Then, down the track, I get to talk to them about how it changed their lives.” Gallagher sees an even brighter future ahead with the addition of existing client Nicolas Jones as co-franchise owner.

“It’s really about taking us to the next step. … Our objective is to create succession in the business, to bring in new blood with new ideas and focus.”