Empower Wealth Mortgage Advisory
North Melbourne, Vic / AFG

As if it isn’t enough to just be a Young Gun with $55m in lending, Matthew Styles is practically knocking on the door of MPA’s Top 100 Brokers report and has already won AFG Victoria’s 2016 Rising Star award. Styles’ example shows just how quickly a new broker can reach huge volumes given the right approach and support network.

Empower Wealth has provided a great platform for Styles’ success. It was founded by Ben Kingsley, chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia, who regularly writes, talks and broadcasts on the subject of responsible property investment. “The ability to work alongside Ben and have him as a mentor is unreal,” says Styles. “You don’t get that opportunity every day of the week.”

Fittingly, the brokerage has a high number of property investor clients. Not all first came to Styles as investors, he explains: “It’s really educating clients … even mum and dads who are coming in, even when it’s buying for owner-occupied purposes, just to keep some opportunities open for them.” Already this approach is paying dividends, with clients going from their home purchase to multiple investment properties. As Styles puts it, “we take the clients on a journey”.

Styles had a background in property investment, but not in broking. “It’s something I had explored before the GFC,” he recalls. Instead he set up an IT company, Core Techniques, which educated elderly people to use technology to keep in touch with friends and family. That ability to connect with clients is now paying off, Styles believes:“I guess it was trying to solve a problem for the consumer, which translates into what I’m doing now; I’ve just gone from technology to finance.”